Furniture Removalists and More in Hobart

Quick checklist to help you with your move

A week before the move

  • Collect or return all items that have been loaned out, borrowed or being repaired. 
  • Dispose of any items that you're not taking with you. 
  • Check your garage, sheds, in ceiling and under the house areas to select items you wish to take. Dispose of poisons and flammable liquids. 
  • Finalise all accounts. 
  • Cancel all home deliveries e.g. paper, milk, Avon. 
  • Contact services for final readings, e.g. Aurora, Telstra. 
  • Check access to the property and doorways making sure that there is adequate space for removalist’s vehicle and removal of articles. Be mindful of overhead lines, trees and narrow openings. 
  • If packing for yourself, commence packing cartons. Clearly lebel with the room and contence of items, e.g. Lounge - CDs, video tapes etc. Use appropriate size cartons- book/wine or tea chests. * Remember: We cannot insure owner packed cartons and if you can't lift them, we may have trouble lifting them.*

On the day

Two days before the move

  • Organise other transportation for personal documents (e.g. birth certificates, deeds), jewellery, money etc. as you may be need them prior to delivery. 
  • Arrange for your electrician to disconnect or replace any light fittings you are taking with you. 
  • Remove curtains or blinds you intend to take with you. 
  • Empty lawn mower, whipper snipper, chain saw or other machinery which are being taken, of fuel. 
  • Check all containers of non-flammable liquids are tightly sealed and place in waterproof containers or plastic bags. 
  • Empty food from your refrigerator and freezer and defrost, wipe dry and leave to air. Secure shelving and crispers and motors if necessary.

One day before the move

  • Organise items you wish packed together for the removalists for ease of packing. 
  • Remove breakables, liquids and heavy items from drawers. 
  • Empty washing machine and disconnect hoses and place inside machine ready for removal. 
  • Thoroughly drain and dismantle waterbeds. 
  • Check with removalist regarding start time and make sure that someone is on hand when they arrive and someone is present until the completion of the loading. 
  • Organise someone to be on hand when the removal team arrive. 
  • Make sure someone can be at your premises until everything has been packed and loaded. 
  • For safety reasons, make arrangements for children and pets to be cared for on the day of move. 
  • Empty cupboards and pack items ready for loading.
  • When our crew of furniture removalists arrive you will need to indicate where they can park their vehicles whilst loading. The same applies for the new destination. 
  • Advise crew of items needed immediately on arrival at destination so they are loaded last. 
  • Check for hazards that may be encountered by removalists e.g. hoses over garden paths that may be tripped over. 
  • Check garden sheds and outbuildings, basements and ceilings for forgotten items. 
  • Check and sign the U Help Removals inventory. 
  • Turn off all taps, electrical switches and gas bottles, check telephone is disconnected and recheck all cupboards and drawers. Lock all windows and doors before leaving premises.

Things not to pack

  • Perishables:- food, plants or living things that
    may die or spoil in transit. 
  • Hazardous Materials - items that are flammable,
    corrosive or explosive 
  • Live ammunition and explosives 
  • Opened packages, bottles etc. 
  • Garbage

Last minute items

  • First aid items 
  • Coffee, tea, sugar, milk, kettle, cups and spoons 
  • Toilet rolls, soap and towel 
  • Children’s and baby’s daily items 
  • Pet items food, basket and leash

If you require more information, get in touch with one of our furniture removalists in Hobart on (03) 6273 0656 today!