Call for Experienced Removals in Hobart

Lifting, sifting, pushing and packing can be a big pain. Moving can be a challenge, both physically and emotionally. Hiring removalists in Hobart makes your move a more stress-free and organized event.

Office Removals

If you are planning on moving your office and the thought of all those files, wires and fragile items is overwhelming, you can rely on our professional removalists to provide you with the secure, friendly service we are known for in Hobart.

We provide two experienced staff members to assist with your move day. However, you, the owner, can participate as you please. If you prefer to simply supervise on moving day or gather items to carry to the truck to speed up the process, that is your prerogative as our valued customer.

Residential Removals

Removalists can move heavy items, such as beds, sofas and awkward furniture, so you can keep your physical strength and avoid any strains or pulls. By hiring U Help Removals in Hobart, you free up your friends and family from having to come and assist you with your belongings.

Instead, you can enjoy the free time you'll gain by hiring professionals. We also cut down on the amount of time it will take you to move your new home, giving you more time to settle peacefully into your new space.

Cleaning Services

When you're focused on moving to a new place, you don't have time to deep clean. Fortunately, our removalists in Hobart can handle the cleaning for you.

We provide basic cleaning such as vacuuming, mopping and dusting, as well as comprehensive cleaning such as scrubbing appliances and removing marks on walls.

Our cleaning services make your home move-in ready for the next residents. If you're renting, our cleaning can help you save money by helping you keep your rental deposit. We can also clean your new home so it's spotless and sanitary before you even move in.

Rubbish Removals

During the moving process, you've probably sorted through your belongings and determined which belongings you no longer need. But you're already overwhelmed with packing and moving, and you don't have time to haul your unneeded items to the dump.

Fortunately, our services for removals in Hobart also include rubbish removal. We can remove items as small as paperwork or as large as furniture. We'll send a couple of our experienced staff members to haul your items away in our trucks.

Our removal specialists want you to save time and reduce stress. Focus on getting emotionally ready for your move, and let us handle all the other removal tasks.

Valuable Experience

When you work with U Help Removals, we bring the correct equipment for the job so you aren't left digging around for a wrench or screwdriver to dismantle your big items or wrangle wires to computers and entertainment devices. From piano and antique removals to complicated computer equipment, we provide you with all you need to get your move done simply, affordably and on time.

If you need more information or have questions about your move or other inquiries, call us on  (03) 6273 0656. You can also browse our website to learn some helpful moving tips. We'll get you where you need to be stress-free.